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Introduction >>General introduction

      Department of Building Materials and Sanitation Technology was established in 1971. Since 1987 the name of department was changed into Department of Building Materials and Environment Technology. Since 1989, Department of Building Materials was separated and officially established. Up to now, Department of Building Materials has been training nearly 2000 engineers, 50 MEng. students and 15 PhD students in the field of building materials and building materials technology
      The department is subdivided into the following research sections:
      - Section of Chemistry – Tel: +84-4-3869.3571
      - Section of Building Materials – Tel: +84-4-3869.7046
      - Section of Building Materials Technology – Tel: +84-4-3869.7016

Detail information:
- Training systems:
       Long-term training program
       In-service training program
       Crash course program
       Postgraduate education program
       Short term program
 - Staffs:
       Department of Building materials has 48 civil servants, 38 lecturers in which 04 meritorious lecturers, 03 Professors, 06 Associate Professor, 03 scientific doctors, 14 doctors and 16 masters.
- Missions, training, scientific research
       Teaching chemistry subject and building materials subject for construction technology branches.
       Training specialities on building materials technology and building components
       Taking part in researching on the fundamental science, building materials technologies, material techniques, the building materials science, and transfering technologies and new building materials, providing scientific services on building materials.
- Cooperation:
       Having been cooperating on training for doctoral students, master students, cooperating with scientific researchers, and carrying out technology transfer with some universities, i.e. Hanoi University of Technology, Danang University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Water Resources University, University of Transport and Communications, and with some institutes, i.e. Vietnam Institute for Building Materials, Vietnam Institute for Building Science and Technology, Institute of Water Resources Research, Institute of Transport Science and Technology.
       Having been cooperating with Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands) on training under the project VH21, Creating relationship with Weimar University (Germany), Mascow State University of civil engineering (Russia), Taipei University (Taiwan), Liverpool University, Loughborough University, Queen University Belfast (England), Rennes University, Laboratory of Civil and Environmental Engineering (France), etc.

       Having possibility of training for doctoral and master students on building materials and building materials technology and construction products for foreign students by Russian, English, German and French


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18-09-2012: Seminar at Club of Building Materials, 18:00, Tuesday, 18 Sept. 2012

12-10-2012: Seminar at Young Lecturer Club, 17:30, 12 Oct. 2012

14-07-2012: I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done (Marie Curie)

14-07-2012: Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care (Theodore Roosevelt)

14-07-2012: All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full (King Solomon)